2011. szeptember 22., csütörtök

A hit útján - XXXVIII.

Folytatjuk sorozatunkat, melyben ezen a héten Sienai Szent Katalin vezet minket. Ezen bejegyzés rendhagyó, egyben felhívó jelleggel is bír. Most ugyanis angolul olvashatják a bejegyzést. Rendhagyó, mert magyar nyelvű blogot olvasnak, amelyen magyarul írunk. Felhívó, mert igen kevés mű olvasható magyar nyelven Sienai Szent Katalintól.
Leveleiből idézünk most (ez magyar nyelven elérhető, pontosabban könyv formájában megrendelhető). Minden levelében ezt írja: "In the Name of Jesus Christ crucified and of sweet Mary:" Azaz: A keresztre feszített Jézus Krisztus és drága Mária nevében." (sweet: kedves, édes, drága)

In the Name of Jesus Christ crucified and of sweet Mary:
Dearest daughter in Christ sweet Jesus: I Catherine, servant and slave of the servants of Jesus Christ, write to thee in His precious Blood, with desire to see thee clothed in true and perfect humility—for that is a little virtue which makes us great in the sweet sight of God. This is the virtue which constrained and inclined God to make His most sweet Son incarnate in the Womb of Mary. It is as exalted as the proud are humbled; it shines in the sight of God and men; it binds the hands of the wicked, it unites the soul with God, it purifies and laves away the soil of our sin, and calls on God to show us mercy. I will then, sweetest daughter, that thou strive to embrace this glorious virtue, so that thou mayest pass over the stormy sea of this world free from storm and peril.
Now comfort thee in this sweet and sincere virtue, and bathe thee in the Blood of Christ crucified. And when thou canst empty thy time for prayer, I pray thee to do it. And love tenderly every rational being. Then, I beg and command thee not to fast, except, when thou canst, on the days commanded by Holy Church. And when thou dost not feel strong enough to fast then, do not observe them. At other times, do not fast, except when thou feelest able, on Saturday. When this heat is over, fast on the days of Holy Mary, if thou canst, and no more. And drink something beside water every day. Labour hard to increase thy holy desire, and let these other things alone for the future. Do not be anxious or depressed over us, for we are all well. When it shall please the Divine Goodness, we shall see one another again. I say no more to thee. Remain in the holy and sweet grace of God. Comfort my sweet daughters, Ursula and Ginevra. Sweet Jesus, Jesus Love.